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 . . a game, you name it. The result of the editor will be a video loop. Coub is very different than [Youtube and Vimeo]( in that it does not automatically generate and auto play video loops. When you select a video, choose one of the two options: Add to Coub or Coub from Youtube. Coub from Youtube will take the top of the story, which you select and the Coub from Youtube will take the bottom of the story, which you select. You can then edit the clips (duration and title) and finalize the story. Coub is a fun and simple way to add a video to your website. If you are a musician and want to test your new song, or if you are a photographer and want to try out your new photography, or if you are a student and want to test out your art, Coub is a simple and fun way to create your own video loops. **COUB requires an internet connection and browser** (Safari and Chrome). ![image]( ## How to Install Coub? ```sh npm i -g coub ``` ## How to use Coub? # If you installed Coub via npm coub video1 video2 # Or if you installed Coub via yarn yarn add coub # If you don't have a video, just skip this # Or you have a video, but not in the correct format # Convert video1.mp4 video1.mp4.mp3 # Choose video file video1 or video2 # Use full video file name video1.mp4 or video2.mp4 # Now play! # To stop the video at a certain point, use either of the commands below coub video1 -x end coub video1 -x start # To run coub, but skip the opening page, just use coub -s # To start with a specified duration, use coub -x duration1 # But if you want to create an animation where both videos



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Avatar Extended Collectors Edition 1080p 60fps yasroz

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